A free party For Everyone – Cape Town Street Carnival

Ubunti, diversity and a much needed party hits the citizens and visitors of the mother city. On Saturday the 14th March 2015 the sixth annual Cape Town carnival will be held in the heart of Cape Town.

Touring all way down the Fan Walk, from the start of Somerset Road to Main Road Green Point, the vibrant street party and parade celebrates diversity, creativity and cultural uniqueness with vivid demonstrations of magnificent floats, vibrant designed dance routines and remarkable costumes.

Cape Town Carnival
Cape Town Carnival 2015

What has Cape Town planned for you?

The Theme for 2015 is and elemental theme featuring fire, water, air and earth, which different artist, musicians, entertainers will use their talents to portray. Through these performances, this will truly show mzanzi’s Creativity in a different light  to people visiting Cape Town for the first time.

At 4 pm the procession begins, when you see the fireworks you will surely know that the fun has begun. The process will end at York Road in Green Point.

What can be expected at the procession? Spectators can expect to see a life-sized elephant walking through the festivities and a 10-meter long snoek puppet, operated in Chinese dragon form . Once the parade is over, don’t let that kill your vibe. We got good news for you . “The Party Goes on” There will be a huge party beneath Green Point Circle pass way, unfortunately this is a party so no under 18s.

If your stomach does start to talk, there will be a huge variety of foods and drinks available from various stalls.

Hitting the 6th year, the Cape Town Carnival doesn’t only strive to celebrate diversity but also focus on cultural understanding and acceptance with vivid colours and various displays from all over the western Region

Best news is that the access to the family-friendly festivities and end-party is absolutely free!

Please note: Because of the parade road closures will affect public transport services and traffic flow in the Green Point and CBD areas from 2pm on Saturday, 14 March 2014.



Useful information about Cape Town – The Place I Call Home!!!!

Situated between the mountains and oceans, with many nationals parks it is truly the heart of South Africa and there is no place Like Cape Town. Therefore it is called the Mother City. It is the oldest city in South Africa which spans about 300 years.

Cape Town 3 Cape Town Useful information about Cape Town Cape Town 3
A view of Cape Town

South Africa officially has 11 languages, which most people are capable of speaking English, Afrikaans and xhosa and these languages are widely used in Cape Town, the Western Province.

Cape Town has an population of about 3.5-million people that lives here this makes this city the  second most-populated city within South Africa.

The climate in Cape Town is similar to California and the Mediterranean weather .The winter starts in May and ends in September which is generally a wet and windy time. Temperatures are cool which ranges between 7°C and 17°C . Summer usually lasts from November to March and temperatures ranges between 19°C and 35°C . The summer time is very hot and sunny and can be windy, but it doesn’t usually bring much rain.

If you are interested in knowing the time in South Africa, this city lies in the GMT +2 time zone and does not have daylight saving time.

When entering South Africa, the currency used is Rand(ZAR). But don’t doubt this country, the exchange rate is favourable to most currencies and many restaurants, shops etc. accept international credit cards.

Political Facts within South Africa – Cape Town

  • The Mayor of Cape Town is Patricia de Lille.
  • The Premier of the Western Cape is Helen Zille.
  • Cape Town is also the legislative capital of South Africa.
  • The South Africa’s Parliament is situated in Cape Town.

Brief History of Cape Town:

In 1652 Cape Town was founded, when Jan van Riebeeck of the Dutch East India Company based in The Netherlands arrived and they set up a halfway point for ships travelling to the East. Portuguese explorers and travellers arrived in the Cape around the 15th Century and the Khoisan people populated the area before the European arrival.

So if you have family in this City, South Africa or wanting to send your digits to tell them about your great experiences, remember that the country code is 0027 and the City Code for Cape Town is 021.  For visa requirements click here.

Quick Facts to take home:

  • This City is the Capital city of the Western Cape.
  • The City has a motto – Spes Bona, which means Good Hope.
  • Cape Town is sometimes also called the “Tavern of the seas”. Have a look around and you will find out why.

To be ranked first out of all cities in the world, and against global destinations of this calibre, speaks volumes about the strength of our offering. It is especially exciting for me that these results are based on the experiences of travellers who have visited the various destinations. – Western Cape Tourism Minister Alan Winde, on the announcement that CPT was the TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice No.1 destination for 2011