Sex Shop Opening Infront of Parliament – No sex Shop, We are Politicians !!!

A sex shop opening infront of parliament

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Desperate Times Call for Dirty Tricks by the DA

How can one hold moral ground by wading in disappointment?

As Election Day approaches, South Africans wonder what will be arising from the lowest and dirtiest political opposition party in South Africa.

Last year the DA placed mysterious anonymous billboards criticizing the ANC for e-tolling.

Yet again, the DA place focus on unimportant matters in South Africa. Political parties should always place people’s issues in front of their respectable political ambitions. Government should invest in improving the lives of the poor instead of focusing on petty issues and negative competition. What messages are you sending out to the youth?

The “E-tolls proudly brought to you by the ANC” billboard cost a heavy amount. Instead of using positive wording to attract voters to your side, The DA, have decided to waist money on billboards which portrays a negative aspect of the South African politics.

There are millions of people in South Africa living in poverty and millions of educational institutions that are in need of educational material.

According to Chris Vick, former communications director for Gauteng Premier, Tokyo Sexwale “The ANC should probably formally ignore the campaign – any responds just gives it additional oxygen, and focus on its own campaign.

The DA seems to think that through negative campaigning they will win votes, yet they should know this type of campaigning rarely works in the South African political landscape.

The ANC Women’s League, told ENCA, that the billboards was evidence that the DA was trying to be “smart” and “opportunistic.”

At a former New Age Breakfast briefing, Transport Minister, Dipuo Peters said, the billboards were the works of cowards and that the people that are behind this, don’t have the decency to actually acknowledge the works of the ANC government and what they have done in this country.

Any matured, logical thinker would know that issues arising in South Africa are not solely the ANCs fault. There are some factors that the political parties cannot be blamed for, they are there to help and guide our country into the right direction, such as poverty and unemployment. These issues are creations of a system that dictates the posture and orientation of the party. The ANC is not the cause of the problems.

Acknowledgement of the ANC

The ANC and all the National Liberation Movements played a vital role in the progress of our country during the armed struggle. The ANC supporters and masses that took place played a significant role that enabled the ANC and other National Liberation movements to complete a successful operation. The DA treats the ANC as if they are painting our country and are doing nothing to improve South Africa. Yet the ANC has a successful history of fighting against apartheid and colonialism.

The ANCs strategies are simply to give their all to stay in power. This comes from the 102 years history, its legendary past heroes and its experience in government which includes their achievements.

In the 2014 elections, its responsibility is to keep South Africa going, pretty much the same path and hopefully will run much better in 2030 thanks to the NDP.

Concerns of South African citizens

Many citizens especially the youth that are still trying to find their political identity and are in awe by the political tactics used in South Africa to get votes, while many are uniformed about the happenings in our country as well as deciding who to choose when election day arises.

The way the DA, is trying to win votes are extremely immured. This results in a youth uninterested in politics. The youth wants to know what you are going to do to improve their lives, not see petty political parties fight between each other.

You are there for the Youth to look up to.

Each and every political party has their own way to bring their messages across, to resonate deeply with voters. However there are no blue-print to go about getting that message across successfully yet, if political parties are going after one-another, do it the ethical way. Become a role-model to our youth.

“Our country, its future and success belong to us all. We are all bound by a share past and a shared future and destiny. Let us all work together to ensure our nation’s success and create a much better future than we have inherited. Our country requires a sense of common purpose, hard work, integrity and selflessness! Our children (future South Africans) deserve better.” –  Malegapura Makgoba

– Please note this is my own views.

Freedom of expression and speech – VIVA SOUTH AFRICA