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This Site focuses on Conservation and the World of Wildlife. So before we go too much further, we’d love to know what you think.
Animals Africa launched the online news site, Since then, we’ve travelled across the world, to different places, to find some unexpected wildlife-inspired stories and conservation programs that promotes change.
On this site we share advances in rhino and elephant conservation, and talk to people fighting for wildlife. We’ve once again given outside experts a forum to speak on an issue we all care about and shared our own perspective on what they have to say.
And we know you are reading and the issues we highlight sparks a lot of discussion and showed us that we must continue to strive to deliver the most thoughtful, insightful and inspiring window possible into our shared natural world.
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A free party For Everyone – Cape Town Street Carnival

Ubunti, diversity and a much needed party hits the citizens and visitors of the mother city. On Saturday the 14th March 2015 the sixth annual Cape Town carnival will be held in the heart of Cape Town.

Touring all way down the Fan Walk, from the start of Somerset Road to Main Road Green Point, the vibrant street party and parade celebrates diversity, creativity and cultural uniqueness with vivid demonstrations of magnificent floats, vibrant designed dance routines and remarkable costumes.

Cape Town Carnival
Cape Town Carnival 2015

What has Cape Town planned for you?

The Theme for 2015 is and elemental theme featuring fire, water, air and earth, which different artist, musicians, entertainers will use their talents to portray. Through these performances, this will truly show mzanzi’s Creativity in a different light  to people visiting Cape Town for the first time.

At 4 pm the procession begins, when you see the fireworks you will surely know that the fun has begun. The process will end at York Road in Green Point.

What can be expected at the procession? Spectators can expect to see a life-sized elephant walking through the festivities and a 10-meter long snoek puppet, operated in Chinese dragon form . Once the parade is over, don’t let that kill your vibe. We got good news for you . “The Party Goes on” There will be a huge party beneath Green Point Circle pass way, unfortunately this is a party so no under 18s.

If your stomach does start to talk, there will be a huge variety of foods and drinks available from various stalls.

Hitting the 6th year, the Cape Town Carnival doesn’t only strive to celebrate diversity but also focus on cultural understanding and acceptance with vivid colours and various displays from all over the western Region

Best news is that the access to the family-friendly festivities and end-party is absolutely free!

Please note: Because of the parade road closures will affect public transport services and traffic flow in the Green Point and CBD areas from 2pm on Saturday, 14 March 2014.


Do your Part towards Wildlife Conservation!!!

We know that conservation efforts save species.

image (3)

Rhinos would not exist today if it were not for the work of a few determined people within Africa and across the world, doing their part towards conservation.

With more money, we can support more programmes, we can come up with more initiatives and more ways to save the rhino and not just save rhino populations, but increase numbers and develop populations.

 Rhinos might be endangered but it is never too late to save the rest.

Let’s all get involved; Inverdoorn has designed new flip-flops to promote RhinoProtect. With these skilfully designed flip flop sandals, you will be able to walk on the beach and make a statement without having to say a word because the imprint of Rhino Protect will be imprinted in the sand.

You can help us raise awareness of the plight of the rhino…

Beach rhino protect.jpg
Enjoy your day at the beach and contribute towards wildlife conservation

The more we do all together, the more people will learn about rhinos and the more field projects, such as Implementing drones to keep our rhinos save,  we will be able to support.

Spread the word! Share this message and wear your Rhino Flops Proudly!

Remember that Rhinos desperately need your help! Join us in protecting rhinos by contributing today. Every gift, no matter the size, helps.  Every gift allows us to do more towards wildlife Conservation.

So if you are looking for a way to make a difference, go and get your flip flops today.

Flip Flops perfect for the beach or safari sand

If you have any suggestions, comments or fundraising ideas, feel free to contact us

Gay Pride Parade 2015 – Cape Town

Since 2001 there have been a week-long Gay Pride summer festival that has filled the streets of Cape Town year after year.

The Gay Pride event celebrates the diversity and also creates awareness around issues impacting on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities locally and throughout Africa in a fun gay pride fashion. A place where people can be themselves or even be straight and support their fellow friends in embracing each other, no matter, your sexual preference. With parades, shows, extravaganzas and a string of fringe parties including awesome events, the city buzzes with excitement and smiles with pride. For the 12th Consecutive year, the Cape Town Gay Pride comes with a bang to Town. On the 20thFriday 2015 until the 28th of February 2015 to celebrate and embrace cultural diversity and to create awareness for LGBTQI issues within South Africa and throughout the continent of Africa.

Gay pride 2015 - Cape Town Gay Pride Cape Town Gay Pride Parade  2015 APTOPIX India Gay Pride
Gay pride 2015 – Cape Town

There will be parties and events scattered all over Cape Town for this nine day period. Even though the events are vast and varied one important aspect remains is the encouragement of LGBTQI, and straight folks can participate too.

What is to be expected at the 2015 Gay Pride parade and events?

The Highlight of the event, as always proceeds as follows, with a big march in the CBD and then De Waterkant festival anticipated appearance and new faces popping up. The festival will also include the old time favourites Ms Cape Town Pride and Pink Party. The Event also has fun outdoor beach picnics and sports days at Camps Bay Beach.

Yet for all these nine days will focus on the rights, pride and freedom. If you are into the more serious forums of getting a message across there will be LGBTQI freedom talks discussions etc. As soon as the full 2015 Gay pride programme will be realised we will inform you.

If you are interested in the events mentioned above tickets for Pride events are priced separately and on sale at the individual venues. Entry to the events ranges between R30p/p and R450p/p depending on the event. For more information checkout This includes pageant, volunteer, stalls and floats applications.

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State Of the Nation Address – My Thoughts

You can either agree or disagree, but last night was a complete disgrace.

Fact is – We need a new #President ….. “Een met n bek” … en nie een wat speech writers het nie! ….. Our country needs order …. Our country needs a strong president to deal with all these strong personalities in government. Looking Past all these issues… ‪#‎Zuma‬ You have to go ,,,‪#‎MyOpinion_Hate_it_Or_Love_it‬

The points that Zuma mentioned, sounded similar to last years speech that he made. What changed this year.

He laughed about what had happened in parliament and did not mention anything about the happenings.





Our country needs Order.