A free party For Everyone – Cape Town Street Carnival

Ubunti, diversity and a much needed party hits the citizens and visitors of the mother city. On Saturday the 14th March 2015 the sixth annual Cape Town carnival will be held in the heart of Cape Town.

Touring all way down the Fan Walk, from the start of Somerset Road to Main Road Green Point, the vibrant street party and parade celebrates diversity, creativity and cultural uniqueness with vivid demonstrations of magnificent floats, vibrant designed dance routines and remarkable costumes.

Cape Town Carnival
Cape Town Carnival 2015

What has Cape Town planned for you?

The Theme for 2015 is and elemental theme featuring fire, water, air and earth, which different artist, musicians, entertainers will use their talents to portray. Through these performances, this will truly show mzanzi’s Creativity in a different light  to people visiting Cape Town for the first time.

At 4 pm the procession begins, when you see the fireworks you will surely know that the fun has begun. The process will end at York Road in Green Point.

What can be expected at the procession? Spectators can expect to see a life-sized elephant walking through the festivities and a 10-meter long snoek puppet, operated in Chinese dragon form . Once the parade is over, don’t let that kill your vibe. We got good news for you . “The Party Goes on” There will be a huge party beneath Green Point Circle pass way, unfortunately this is a party so no under 18s.

If your stomach does start to talk, there will be a huge variety of foods and drinks available from various stalls.

Hitting the 6th year, the Cape Town Carnival doesn’t only strive to celebrate diversity but also focus on cultural understanding and acceptance with vivid colours and various displays from all over the western Region

Best news is that the access to the family-friendly festivities and end-party is absolutely free!

Please note: Because of the parade road closures will affect public transport services and traffic flow in the Green Point and CBD areas from 2pm on Saturday, 14 March 2014.



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