Saving the influential moments – Inspiring action

When sharing your thoughts/life online you will be considered a thought leader.

In this fast paced technological world, being a leader, your life can become extremely busy.

To invest in the online world, will allow people to create, grow and extend their influence in an online community that is separate from geography or proximity, unlimited and unconstrained.

Most leaders in today’s world feel that they are too busy to engage with their people on the ground, but not Marius Fransman, he does not want to miss the opportunity to extend his reach exponentially through making connections and adding value to the online world.

Fransman started a website that features his latest news, key statements, news about the ANC and the Chris Hani detachments, The international relations and co operations, gallery and information on how to get involved in the workings of the ANC.

The website shouts: If you want to make a difference, why not make a bigger difference? If you have the knowledge to share, why not share it with as many people as possible? If you want to add value to someone’s life, why not add value for many?

To stay up to date with the current news and workings of the ANC within the Western Cape, influential leaders like Fransman has stepped into cyberspace and found media channels to fit into the message his trying to bring across by using technology to spread his thoughts to as many people as possible.

True leader’s needs to engage online and always are available to connect.

Importance of the internet in the technological world

  • The internet is taking over newspapers.

To acquire newspapers and magazines are becoming costly and the internet is becoming cheaper.

With articles and news being published on Fransman website, viewers will also be able to read and ask him questions, which he will personally answer for them.

  • News comes and goes but Marius Fransman website will remain.

With newspapers, news gets lost and forgotten, but going through The Fransman website, memories, news and all relative information will remain.

  • The popularity of the internet continuous to trend upwards.

The online world will likely force closure or reduction of sales in printed news and materials. Over the last decade the market has seen a huge reduction in the newspaper and magazine circulation. Yet at the same time the online consumption has been increasing.

In this new era, thought leaders need to be active online and in the distant future, a leader who chooses not to engage online will diminish their perceived influence and perhaps their ability to achieve their goals as leaders.

It’s a DO or DIE situation in the online world. Share online or face obsolescence.

Marius Fransman Website truly defines his personality. A leader that is down to earth with website that is easy to navigate yet bringing a strong message across.

Fransman website represents these 3 key factors:

  • Communication with the society.
  • Inform and educate
  • Supporting a cause. Reaching out to the people.

As a leader, it’s important to stay up to date with cultural changes and therefore Fransman decided to stay up to date with the Futuristic Western culture and start a website.

Call him the Ambassador of Digital Leadership.

Just like leadership offline, Youth and adults across the world can learn how to interact and treat one another online.

Fransman wants to showcase and tap into digital leaderships and truly model a positive online presence.

Remember that through online visibility, people that have not yet met you can meet you digitally. #

By Lauren Leonard



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