Vygieskraal welcomed President Jacob Zuma!

Thousands of people from the Cape Flats streamed into Vygieskraal stadium in Athlone to attend the ANC rally.

President Jacob Zuma and Provincial leader Marius Fransman were the two main speakers.

President Zuma turned 72 and this formed part of his birthday celebrations.

The president waisted no time as he addressed the crowd at Vygieskraal to question the issue of what the DA is doing for the coloured communities?

President Zuma calls on everyone in the Western Cape to vote for a party that will help them benefit from affirmative action.

For the past year, the ANC had to fight against the decision made by the DA to close down schools, which are mostly filled with coloured pupils.

The president praised the communities and the people who helped prevent these closures.

He also spoke about affirmative action and under the leadership of Fransman the ANC and the people of the Western Cape will reap in rewards.

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