What is an Election Manifesto?

An election manifesto is considered to be a very important aspect to the government and to the voters.

It’s a heavy book of what that particular political party wants to achieve, who they are and where they see themselves in few years time. Ultimately it’s the statement that tells voters, I am ready to take action and is 100 percent committed.

There are many ways to get this message across but if you are with the ANC, a launch party will do just that, until there comes a disruption, where the new kids on the block, wants to steal the show.

At an EFF manifesto, Leader Julius Malema said, that our current government has not contributed to the improvement of our peoples lives.

“20 years later, black people are still not free”, says Malema.

The EFF, has insisted that if they are elected into government, corruption will come to an end. The party has also held up placards stating that the ANC is full of empty promises.

In the meantime ANC chairman, Paul Mashatile says that the ANC will not be defeated parties born yesterday.


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