Words of the People – “You Neglect us and Disrespect us – The DA Is Oppressive.”

On the 20thMarch 2014 , a mobilisation march took place in Cape Town, where people of the Cape Flats which includes Heideveld, Manenberg, Mitchellplain, Bluedowns, Eersteriver, Elsiesriver, ValhallaPark, Bishoplavis, Hanover park, Delft, Belhar and Bonteheuwel marched to the Provincial Legislature to handover a memorandum.

This march was to make members of parliament and political parties especially the DA aware of their terrible living conditions, which includes poor sanitation, gangsterism, education and poverty.

Members of communities were extremely angry by the continuous neglect by their current PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT, under the leadership of the DA and the current Premier of the Western Cape, Helen Zille.

This was one of the first coloured Dominated Marches that took place in Cape Town. To highlight their commitment in eradicating the oppressive force and to ensure that they never again be subjected to the rule of mostly whites in the province.

Marching down the street of Cape Town, school children and parents were upset by the fact that schools were closed down by their current premier and white male MECs that are denying them convenience as experienced by many others across the province.

DA members moved over to the ANC to show appreciation and to thank them for intervening.

The people of the Western Cape attempts to sustain themselves and their families as they are challenged by fines, petty laws and harassment.

They are tired of the DA and want to support the ANC, because when the DA failed to support them in their time of need. They strongly believe that the ANC will ensure that their lives will improve.

By laws are set to improve the lives of residence in the white areas, little development is taking place in the so called coloured communities. This shows that there is a clear gap between the rich and the poor.

Residence of the above mentioned communities says that they continue to experience abuse through power and water cuts by the City of Cape Town. Poor service delivery is the main issue in our communities and crimes continue to escalate as the gangsters take over. The City refuses to take responsibility for what is happening in this town. The City of Cape Town is a city of 1st and 3rd worlds, just compare See Point to Manenberg.

Rosie Langeveld a resident from Elsiesriver said “We are tired of empty promises made by the DA, Its time for the ANC to take over and change this city”.


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