The downside of being BEAUTIFUL

I often wonder why women hate me.

On a recent occasion, I was offered discounts and free products and I thought wow, what a lovely gesture, but while that was lovely for some, it wasnt for me.

I am a independent women and I dont expect anything from any man.

Good looks is a blessing but its considered to be a mixed blessing in the world of business.

Many of my own sex have become resentful and have closed many doors, yet opening many too.

Throughout my a life, I’ve regularly had gifts  sent to me by men I don’t know. Once, a well-dressed chap bought my train ticket when I was standing behind him in the queue. The other incident happened when I was with my boyfriend and another man bought me candy floss. What I loved about my boyfriend was he showed the guy, he will eat it. Dont disrespect him by buying his girlfriend something when he is around. Even bar tenders frequently shoo my credit card away when I try to settle my bill.And whenever I’ve asked what I’ve done to deserve such treatment, I get told, by my pretty smile and pleasing appearance, I have made their day.

Being a Journalist is hard too.  Before I can get to interview the guy, I first get hit on. I first have to hear how beautiful I am. I have to be nice to be able to get the story.

But what I wont do is, I wont loose my self respect to get a story and that is where many women loose focus.

Think wise ladies. Use  your beauty as a gift, dont let it be your downfall.






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