Neil Young’s memoir Waging Heavy Peace

Neil Young’s memoir Waging Heavy Peace, subtitled A Hippies Dream consists of 500 pages.


This is Young’s first official book, published by Blue Raider press on the 28th of October 2012.


Young’s book is selling strongly, with more than 300,000 copies in print, and it ranks in the Top 5 nonfiction bestsellers nationally by the Los Angeles Times, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and several other publications.
I was in search of a memoir, when my uncle visiting from London handed me this book. I wasn’t interested in Young’s life, but when I started reading, there were aspects of his characteristics that kept me interested.


The memoir focuses on characters of his past, not specifically who they are, but how they fit into his life and what they did together. Especially his wife Pegi and his son Ben Young. In a few pages he touches on his life, family, hobbies and music. Taking us through his drawn-out road map to his life


If you interested in cars, trains and a touch of rock and roll history ,this book is for you.

Young started making name for himself in America as a member of Buffalo Springfield and CSNY, playing rock and roll.


Young lives on a broken arrow Ranch, full of friends and employees that help him with his pet projects.


The book was set in various places in 1970 , from Canada to the United states .He puts us through his life’s journey where he seeks fame and girls , through Buffalo,Springfiels,Crosby,Stills and Nash .Including his wild past .Told in his own words .


My final thoughts on waging heavy Peace is that it truly shows who Young was and who he turned out to be. I enjoyed his writing style because it’s free, he expresses his thoughts in a tangential way. I love the way he diverges the story and never comes back, leaving the reader with a question mark .Making us want to read more to see if he will continue with that part of the story.


I think the people that follow every rule of literature, will definitely have a big problem with his writing style. He writes, like he speaks or feels. I agree that’s how writing should be because not everything should be measured in academic terms.


This book is truly written to its reader.



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