ANC Veterans You Are Not Forgotten

On the 13th of March 2014, a Veterans launch has been held in Kuilsriver. The launch focused on incorporatingWard 11, 14 &19.

The launch highlighted key factors such as the importance of the elderly and their duties in community. Reminding them that they are not forgotten.

The Elderly plays an extremely important part in our continent and throughout the world.

Millions of families would not survive without the contribution of the older generations. Senior citizens are there to invest in protecting the valuable benefits that they receive from government.

A lot of South Africa citizens benefits from government, such as SASA. The older generation are also responsible for caring for orphaned grandchildren. Yet older people are often excluded from developmental programs.

Their development policies and practices highlight the fundamental positioning of our older generation in Africa today. Through placing key focus on their challenges and the demand of life for those who depend on them.

Why Veterans must vote?

On the 7th of May South African citizens will head to the voting polls to select their leaders in government.

Like every election, this one will have a great impact on the issues that affects every single body in South Africa. Through voting the elderly will have the chance to make their voice heard.

Remember that older people are not out of touch when it comes to issues concerning our people. They have a huge understanding how the country is being run because most of them have worked for government.

Older people also have the ability to influence the younger generation based on their political beliefs that they have been raised in a greater public virtue. This is the time where children loved singing their National Anthem more than singing the latest Hip-hop.

They also have more free time on their hands to educate and guide.

Political scientists have also indicated that the elderly have more civic resources and social capacity. Could this be true?


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