Make her feel special, loved and appreciated. You may think that she loves to go on an on about her thoughts, feelings, and opinions. However, the only possible reason why she’s very vocal with you is because she considers you as the best person in the world whom she can trust. When she talks, listen to her intently and just stop focusing alone on what you think. She’ll return the favor soon when she realizes that you are genuine about your feelings for her.

Be direct. Don’t assume your girlfriend knows how you feel about her. Be sure to tell her exactly how you feel. Ambiguity leads to uncertainty, and that can put a strain on your relationship.

Listen. The importance of listening in a relationship cannot be stressed enough.

  • Even if what she is saying is boring to you, pay attention because it isn’t boring to her.
  • Learn to listen “between the lines” and infer what you can do to help her.
  • Listening shows that you are invested in her life, and will build her trust.
  • Beyond just listening, react to what she says. Become involved in the conversation, but don’t take it over.

Learn her love language

There’s only 5 so it shouldn’t be too tough. Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service and Physical Touch. If you’re unfamiliar with these 5 love languages I suggest you learn about them. These love languages aren’t strictly for women. Us men have them too. For me it’s quality time. I can remember growing up wanting to spend more quality time with my dad. But he wasn’t there. I didn’t quite realize why it was so important to me until I came to learn that this was my primary love language.

In your relationship it’s important to know hers. For you it might be Receiving Gifts so you go and buy her expensive gifts. You even did all your homework and planned gifts for a year. Now if her love language is Words of Affirmation than you’re not hitting the bull’s-eye. You’re coming close but still missing.  I’m not saying she won’t appreciate the gift because she will. But if you really want to make her feel special than learn her love language.

Give him specifics
Men and women have different ideas about what loving behaviour is, so you need to give him clear examples of what you want. Tell him to call you more often.

Do the little things

Like taking out the trash, putting down the toilet seat, creating a grocery list if you can’t remember them all, fixing the clogged sink, making breakfast or getting the kids ready so she can sleep in. Any of these loving gestures will not make you less of a man. Sometimes we complain about the woman in our life nagging us. For some of us though they ask and ask again while watching TV; right after saying we don’t have time. Excuses-No matter how rationalized in your brain is still an excuse. Be responsible and fulfill your duty.

Each of these ideas have their time and place. One does not replace the other. Some men only buy flowers when they’ve made a mistake. These ideas are not for that. You will not make her feel special if you do this. You will make her suspicious of you though. When it comes down to it, we do the things that make sense to us. We like to do things our way. But what really needs to happen and be understood here is that they’re different and our brains can’t solve that. What we can do though is move past it and do some of things we know they like. Treat her right and make her feel special.

We won’t always “get” them, so be thankful this isn’t a requirement to make her feel special, loved and appreciated.


bY jOHN –


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