There are many ways to do new things with your PC,laptop and gadgets.

Our life revolves around technology, but the question remains, are we using it to its full potential.

There are so many hidden uses for technology that many people are not aware of.

Here are a few ways to use technology in a new an exciting way…
– Charge your gadgets with your tv. (Check if your tv has a USB port at the back of your tv)

– Turn your laptop into a second monitor.

– Control your pc with your smartphone.( Get a free unified remote at

– Listen to radio

– connect your laptop or tablet to tv.(Hint – HDMI connector)

– Free in-car satellite navigator.

– create CCTV system with your webcam

– Turn your mobile phone into a WI-FI hotspot.

– Build your home network using power sockets.

– Use your smartphone as a torch .

Remember that hidden technology is everywhere. You just need to learn to unlock these brilliant hidden features.


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