Review – Burger King

Food Review – Burger Fair

For all the Burger junkies, this is the place to be.If you drive down Voortrekker road towards Kuilsriver you will find a road house selling the biggest most delicious burgers ever.

As you arrive you can find a place to park your car and immediately a waiter will appear.  It’s comfortable, convenient and on the go .With friendly services from the waiters, tops off the night.

If you looking for Greasy, cheap and good food, come to The Burger Fair.

“It was first established in Fish Hoek, People use to call it the biggest burgers in town before the health authorities won a court case order to close it down,”says Claudia Van Rooyen.

This place caters for everyone, it`s fun, Chilled and vibrant,” said the acting manager at the Burger Fair.

It is open all day and closes late at night. A regular customer says that when you drunk, their food taste the best and it also takes away your hangover.

The burger fair become widely known when Jack Parow music videos –Cooler as ekke and fokofpolisie kar, came out.

With huge burgers, large fries and a milkshake, who would complain? For only R30 is a bargain .It consist of a beef patty, fresh rolls, egg, bacon, tomatoes and onions. The Burger Fair is doing it the American style and we South Africans are loving it.

As you drive past the colorful lights and playful vibe draws your attention. No way will you be able to drive past and not consider a pop-in. With good music, Friendly waiters, happy and smiling customers, that will definitely make any ones day .The place is packed with cars and people waiting for their orders.

Way back in the 80`s and 90`s Voortrekker was a dicing spot and the Burger Fair was the hang out spot.” Bikers love this place, they always showing off in the parking lot,” said Van Rooyen.

I parked the car and walked in, the waiter offered me a seat I sat down, not knowing I could have stayed in the car.

This is a Bubbly, family and friends spot and their sources are Luminous.

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