Review – Born Into Brothels

Born into brothels

Born into Brothels

Directed and produced by Zana Briski and Ross Kauffman , released by Think Film on the 17th January 2004. Featured Kochi,Shanti, Avitjit, Suchitra, Manik, Gour,Takasi and Puja.

A compelling, aspiring look into Calcutta’s (India) red light prostitute district. Zana Briski First went into Culcatta to photograph prostitutes but ends up teaching photography skills to demoted children in their community. She does this because she feels connected with the women and their children.

These curious minds have not yet lived a full life, but knows the feeling of struggle .They are hungry for education and often wonder what they will become without education because most of their peers and family members end up as a sex worker .

The captivating sounds and pictures taken by these children`s complement the documentary.  Showing exactly what they cannot say, they want the viewer to feel what they trying to bring across.

Briski has gone to great lengths for these children in teaching them how to photograph and getting them a place at a boarding school, therefor they won`t end up like their parents because they always asking for help.

Each photograph they take , has its own meaning .Great symbols has been used in the making of this documentary like the Kite flying ,representing freedom .The camera is there to see the world through the eyes of those who cannot see what these children are going through. Animals used to show, how hard life is with people not having food for themselves.

A sad but yet intriguing documentary that leaves us with a positive message, that with hope and a desire to learn, anything is possible.

This 85 min documentary won various accolade awards and the Academy Awards for best Documentary feature in 2005.





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