Mo’s Last Hit (Drugs destroys us)

Mo`s last hit! …………………..School – Someone feels like giving up.

A student at KampieMount High School has just collapsed after his last hit (smoke) on a new drug called Nyaope.

Sipho, Mo and Rodney has been users and runners for a year, everything seemed fine until today.

They now sit behind the school, figuring out what to do. Looking at the dead body of their friend Mo.

Everyone has gone home, No one at the site but them.

“Yo, Rods, what should we do? Should we call the cops?” said Sipho.

Mo`s dad is a Pastor, extremely strict. For months his father thought they were good boys, going to youth groups, Friday nights. But that wasn’t the complete truth.

“I don’t know mahn, let’s just walk away, No-one saw us, we all good, we weren’t with him, that’s all,” said, Rodney

“He`s our friend (Sipho starts to cry), We can’t just leave him here, his spirit will haunt us forever, do you want that, “said Sipho.

“Look mahn, I know his our friend, but I don’t want to go to jail mahn, Let’s go.Mo`s father will kill us, before the police comes. We will be charged with murder .I think. I also don’t know, we all smoked together, mmm. (Scratches his head) But if not charged for murder, definitely for drug dealing and we got a huge amount of supplies at our house, “says Rodney.

“Ja you right, But still, we said, that whatever happens, we stick together”, said Sipho

“But he’s dead, mahn”, said Rodney

Suddenly Sipho gets on his knees, besides Mo`s body and starts to pray.

“Yo mahn, get up, “said Rodney

With Sipho still crying, both under the influence of drugs, Rodney get an idea.

“Let’s Barry Mo here.”

“You mean burry” Said Sipho.

“Ya mahn, Remember that day, we sat on the roof. I asked Mo Where he would like to be buried, “said Rodney

“Yes, Now what about it, Why you speaking about this now. Our friend is dead, “said Sipho.

“Ey, He said, he wanted to be buried, on the spot where he died, “said Rodney.

“Rods, you stupid, we were all high and plus that impossible, you know that, “said Sipho.

“No its not, “said Rodney.

Rodney starts looking around for something to lift the sand .He found an object similar to a spade and started digging up the sand.

“Yo mahn, help me, “said Rodney.

Sipho looked at Rodney, with rage but started helping .Nervously looking around if no one is watching them.

They place their friend in that huge hole they made, covered it up and quietly walked away. As they walking, Sipho asks Rodney.

“Now what, what if they ask us, where our friend is. What if, his dad starts questioning us, what about the police. I have decided to stop this, for Mo`s sake. I hope you will consider it too. I have considered stopping but until today, it gave me the courage to do it .I hope you will take this mind, “said Sipho.

Tomorrow, they will sober up. Tomorrow, they will need to answer questions .Has Sipho really given up or was it the drugs talking?

To be continued.



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