Different types of Web Journalism

Understanding the different types of web journalism


A wide variety gets published by newspapers. It’s informative and supplies readers with diverse articles, features, editorials, columns, currents affairs, events etc. A newspaper or news website is a scheduled publication containing news. There are two versions of the newspaper, a hard copy and digital.



Independent news websites

Independent news websites is a large company that has various types of news sites and papers that cater for the different readers.

Independent websites is the leading news group in South Africa, publishing more than 30 daily and weekly newspapers, printed and online in the country’s 3 major metropolitan areas.

Examples of these are NASPERS and IOL.

All of the company’s newspaper titles – including the Cape Times, Cape Argus, The Mercury, The Star, Daily News and Pretoria News, among others  are constantly reviewed to ensure that they are strategically positioned to serve the needs of their readers and advertisers in clearly defined key markets


Hyper-local news sites:

Hyper-local covers events and topics on an small scale .For e.g. It is similar to the Tygerburger a small community newspaper focusing on an certain area, the difference between the two is, the one is online and the other one is an newspaper.



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