A countries future depends on the voices of the Youth.

Did you know? The more stronger our youth influence becomes, the more developed our nation will turn out.

Our minds, our thoughts, our ideas and our energy act as the torch-bearer for the nation.

If our youth is not guided into the right direction, this will become a huge burden for our government.

The youth dreams of a world free of poverty, unemployment, inequality and exploration.

Therefore it is up to every being in the country to help shape the youth in every aspect because ultimately the entire success of the nation depends on our youth.

Here are a list of aspects the youth are responsible of to determine the success of the nation.

1. Equal education
2.Help build confidence between each other.
3.Serve their country with their skills.
4.Use their ideas to bring change.
5.Partake in social movements.

These are only a few factors, there are many more.

Ultimately Education is the most powerful weapon to change certain aspects within a country.

Lauren Leonard


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