Ways to get your guy to communicate more clearly to you.

Many women agree that the way the men in our lives communicate to us are in less than obvious ways.

We often get one word answers, grunting or confusing talks.

Here are a few ways to help guys in your life communicate to you in a way that you both understand.

1. Talk to him

You have to be direct with them. This is the only way they will be able to change their communication ways because most likely they do not know what they are doing wrong.

2. Listen to him explain his side of the story.

3. Show him what you mean.

If the guy in your life, gives you one word answers, do the same. He will soon pick up on what you meant.

4. Tell him what you would like from him. What you wish he would do for you.

5 Be patient(I call them Turtles)

They take forever to get from point A to point B but eventually he gets there. Same applies to being patient with men.

And remember girls/women none of us are perfect. So don’t expect him to be.

Peace,Love and happiness

That’s it from me “THE EYE CATCHER”

Lauren Leonard


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