Identifying different types of people



Last year, I have had the opportunity to speak at schools about life after matric/grade 12.

I’m talking about College/University life.

You will meet different people, with insane personalities but guess what they will make your tertiary education memorable.

Here are a few people that would make you say ” College would not be the same without them.”

-The guy that doesn’t care about class at all. He probably has a rich father and he will inherit a farm from. Therefore this guy feels he has no to be there.

-Someone that wants to destroy your career. They are the people that will steal your textbooks, tear up your question papers. BE AWARE. Don’t trust anyone.

– Miss know it all. The girl that thinks she knows it all.

– The over enthusiastic geek. Roll with them, they could play a valuable roll in getting your tasks done.

– The POD/DAGGA smoker or Drinker. Be aware, these are the people that want you to go down. They don’t care about your education. They only care about getting free hits etc.

– Then you get your Best friend. You go to parties together. You study together.

– Then you get your future boss, my advice be nice to everyone. This could serve as an advantage.

– You will get the Mr nice guy… Easy to talk to but there seems to be something strange about him.

-Then you get MR CLEVER… He doesn’t need to open a book … He can party all night all and still gets 100% for his exam. Don’t try and do the same. You are not him …

There are so many different types of people. Knowing how to identify them can be a huge help to your success.

Remember people, not everyone can be trusted.

Lauren Leonard


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