Steps to her heart<3

shes my everything...

shes my everything…

If you want a women whose special- Treat her that way.

Step 1 – Make her feel beautiful…. Okay okay, I get it. Guys be like “hey, I tell her that everyday” but that’s mere words.

I mean make her deeply feel in her beautiful heart that she’s worth that title.

It’s not just in what you say – it’s in what you don’t say.

Step 2- Honesty is the best policy.

Being honest to the girl you love will show her that you respect her enough to be open and straight with her.

Step3- Kiss her with your soul.

Behave, behave… Take your mind out of the gutter.

Kiss her on places like her forehead,hands and arms etc.

Did you know, that to a women it has a meaning.

Step4- Compare, No!!! Don’t compare her.

We all know you have had girls in your past. There’s no point in mentioning it again.

Step5- Its the small things that matters most.

The smallest things you do for a women are the things that matters most.

My bf gets irritated by me when little things like putting my picture on his bbm profile, makes me feel special. When staying up late, talking to me, makes me happy. Small stupid things, yes but it means the world to me.

Step6 – Listen to her and give feedback.

We rely on you for your love, guidance and support.

Guys need to realize how important taking time to listen to her is.


If a woman is complaining to you, remember that it means she trusts you enough to express her feelings to you. Don’t betray that trust.

Step7- Respect her

I say no more. We should all know how to do that right?

Step8 – Remember the facts

Don’t forget what her favourite chocolate or cupcake is.

This shows that no matter what goes on in your world. She will always hold a special place in your heart and mind.

By Lauren Leonard

Lauren Leonard


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