Social Media Concerns

My concern:

The spread of cell phones, is only increasing the flow of which users use social media.

We spend all day on social networking sites and forget about picking up a book.

Did you know?

Reading increases your language level.

It creates room for thinking, but blocks up your time for creating and absorbing knowledge of the real world.

Social media sites usually entail users to read and write small paragraphs.

What happens when they need to read a book or longer paragraphs?

We freeze up and throw the book to the side.


Because we are not use to reading for a long periods of time and that results in a lack of reading skills in our community.

What does social networking entail?

Social networking involves personal interaction and with talking comes reading.

Face to face interaction has decreased and when this happens it has an effect on the body and therefore an affect on the way you write an email or post something on Facebook.

Body language:

Social media undermines people’s social skills and their ability to read body language.
Gossip and silly comments:

Many can relate to this. “Oh, I am feeling so tired. My mother is making me angry.”

All day long we post such messages. What happened to discussing important matters?


Do you think its right for a 8 year old boy or girl to have a phone?

When will proper reading take place?


Technology, social media, should enhance the human brain, but it fails to do that so. It actually causes more harm, compared to when we did not have these resources.

I believe I did more research, and thinking in primary school, before I got this phone.

When I received it, everything changed. The way I read, when I read, and the way I research. Which promotes short attention span.

Why social media was created? (not for reading)

It was created to create money. Not to improve reading skills or people lives.

These websites use online friends to get data about people for the purpose of selling advertising. The sites places, cookies (it’s a message given to a web browser –that’s you, by a web server) on peoples pcs or cell phones and track interests to show ads.


Illiteracy is a problem. I did a report on how the internet changed the way we read and by looking through my #RSS feeds, I realized that it haven’t only impacted the way we read, but it has created several distraction and alternatives to reading.

We are still reading our texts on facebook and twitter. But this increasing distraction from choosing to spend our time reading a book, builds up reading comprehensions and fluency.

It’s rewired the way our brain works.


Where do find first-hand information?

Library !!! So we should never forget to go there and read a book.

By Lauren Leonard

Lauren Leonard


One thought on “Social Media Concerns

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