Is money a problem? Fostering a Startup ecosystem

We are always hearing people complaining about funding in Africa. Their start up is doing well but no one is getting the point. I think we should move to Silicon Valley, to make it work.

Here is my thoughts on this matter, remember I am not a expert and I haven’t studied in this field but I have gathered some knowledge on this topic.

Complaining spreads like wildfire. People are really good at complaining about things, but there’s a few that actually does something about the matter.

So to get your business started there are startup principals to follow. But keep in mind that there is no shortage in the world, when it comes to money.

What the problem is that there are enough money but not enough people with the correct knowledge about the startup culture and ecosystem.

So what is needed?

1.Educated people
2. Mentors (successful people)
3. Location
4. One successful startup

So when we have this in an ecosystem, we need to mix this with a culture that supports entrepreneurship, innovation, risk taking and startups.

Now when you have this, you need a program set-up that focuses on tangible results by merging he networking factors with applications like startup events, which helps encourage,incentives and guide individuals, willing to start executing.

There needs to be support structures that helps lower barriers to starting a business.

These supports structures could be, incubators,co-working spaces or mentor programs.

The physical location for these events to take place needs to be:

– convenient
– accessible
– and a great vibe

Remember that a successful business becomes the nexus of startup culture in society.

It takes a successful man to breed success community.

In life, we need more offices like google, where we can play video games , grab a cup of coffee, hang out in a open creative space.

Do you agree?


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