Futuristic Sci-Fi Identification hits Earth 200 years early

Posted by: Drew Ramirez , November 17, 2013

London set to use the futuristic all-in-one identification pass by 2015.

The “MultiPass” first came to existence in Bruce Willis’ 1997 classic, The Fifth Element. In the movie Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) and  Leeloo (Milla Jovovich) used their all-in-one ID, boasting e-ink technology, to board a cruise that would be taking them through space. The idea behind the futuristic identification system was to create a means of traveling not only around the world with a single ID, but also into space.

While we may not be heading on our own space cruise anytime soon, the idea of using a single ID for all your traveling needs catches the eye of many maybe-travelers. Imagine being able to leave your apartment, hop on the subway, head to the airport and board a flight, arrive, then catch a cab to your hotel, and proceed to grab a room, ALL with a single ID card that tracks your actions and expenses, while giving you the lowest prices available..

That is exactly what London’s MultiPass will do.

“designed to solve two problems: the need to carry, or buy, lots of different cards and tickets for different journeys, and the challenge of negotiating Britain’s byzantine ticketing systems in order to obtain the cheapest fare.” -Rupert Jones of  The Guardian

While many travelers find this to be a helpful breakthrough in technology, others find the notoriety to overwhelming, and borderline invasive.

Nevertheless, this is a great step in the right direction for the organization, and security, of travelers everywhere. London is set to have two pilots use the MultiPass mid 2014, and could have a full roll-out to the public as soon as 2015.

Let’s say it all together now “Moolteepahhss”
[The Guardian]

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Article taken from : http://techandfacts.com/futuristic-sci-fi-identification-hits-earth-200-years-early/

Lauren Leonard


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