Great inventions making waves in Africa

Africa is filled with innovation and solutions that improves the lives of many across the globe.

While Africa is catching up on to the technological world of the western culture, there is no shortage of creative minds in Africa.

Here are a few innovations and inventions that have been developed in Africa.

1. Please Call Me

Many of us are unaware that the please call me were invented in Africa. This service will allow users to send a please call me message without the use of airtime.

2.Charging shoes

Anthony Mutua, from Kenya, developed a rather ingenious way of charging your phone.

This inventions works through the power of walking. It comprises of ultra-thin chip of crystals which is placed at the bottom of the shoe sole.


This computer tablet allows you to examine your heart like electrocardiograms that can be conducted at remote locations.

This tablet was created and developed by Cameroonian entrepreneur, Marc Arthur Zang Adzaba.


This service is made to transfer money and supply people with micro-financing services. It was created for mobile operators like Safaricom and Vodacom, in Kenya and Tanzania.

To break it down, the M – stands for mobile and PESA, is an Swahili word which means money.

5. Cat scan

Cat scan is a medical machine which is widely used in the medical sector. This technology was invented by a South African in the UK.

These inventions are made on our home soil, from our people in Africa.




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