Africa’s most influential technology CEOs

Looking at the individuals making waves in the business and technology industry.

1. Sifiso Dabegwa

Under the watchful eye of this influential man, MTN still remains Africa’s biggest mobile network operator.

He was placed in this position in 2011 and has been making an success out of his career acquiring over 200 million subscribers across Africa.

2. Shameel Joosub

After the retirement of Allan Knott-Graig in 2008 at Vodacom, Shameel took over. He done a great job in implementing new tariffs, methods of billing and a range of bundles.

This seemed to be the success of the large number of subscribers in south Africa and Africa.

3. Jen Motanana

Jen runs and South African based ICT company Datatec, who helped the company generate a revenue of 5.2 billion dollars in 2012.

4. Koos Bekker

Koos heads the multi national mass media company, Naspers. He has been in this position since 1997.

5. Sipho Maseko

Sipho heads the largest South African communications company, Telkom.

6. Abdeslam Ahizoune – Maroc Telecom

7. Ahmed Abou Doma – Orascom Telecoms

8. Mark and Brett Levy – Blue Label

9. Yves Gauther – Mobinil

10. Mohamed Elnawawy – telecom Egypt


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