The pace of change in Africa – #AfricaCom

To alleviate poverty and the huge technological gap in Africa is no small challenge.

The positivity to the technological change in Africa is that it drives environmental change. When the demand for natural resources increases, their application affects the integrity of the ecosystem. This creates efficient use of cleaner production techniques and natural resources. However this new technologies can also cause harm to human health.

But why look at one cause of harm to the human health system, when your health is always at risk. Whether the technology affects you or not.

If we look at the key success stories in Africa, we see that change is definitely taking place at a faster pace.

Thanks to the AfricaCom and other conferences bringing innovation and investors together, to speak about developments that need to take place to better Africa. We now have effective assessment techniques, like remote sensing, ICT, biometric engineering, bio technology, genetic modification and faster more advanced ways of transportation.

Therefore technological innovations can bring change and opportunity to many sectors like health, education, energy etc.

My urge two foreign investors is to take the risk and help Africa enhance availability of products and services required for growth within Africa.


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