The Mobile Money Revolution – Lets make savings easier #AfricaCom

The digital Mobile Money revolution is lighting up Africa. Fliptin, a Mobile Application which allows you to save, will soon be making its mark in the Mobile world.

According to Alina Gordon, representing Soultice Consulting at the AfricaCom conference, this application is free to download and will soon be released.

Technology has affected our lives for the better and the major trend in Africa today is increasing the demand for child friendly applications and gadgets, which includes the Mobile phones.

Parents across the world now wants to know, how they can use these platforms and gadgets to educate their children in saving up for their future. This is one of the issues that many parents across the world are struggling with.

Fliptin finally came up with a solution. With this application, children, parents or any other individual will be able to put away pocket money, set financial goals, make safe online purchases and learn in the process.

Many individuals are struggling to get control of their financial statuses. Many of our young people today are making bad financial choices and what Fliptin does, is to educate the youth about thinking for tomorrow and not just for today.

If you are a parent, remember that a child follows in his parents footsteps, become a role model and introduce them to the world of Mobile Banking, share saving strategies with them and build a society excited about their financial future.



Lauren Leonard


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