Young VS old – Inexperienced VS experienced

Are these factors torturing you?
We as young people are always competing with the more experienced AKA older people.
With that being said, all we need to find out is where employers are looking when hiring, finding the right mediums then looking for a job won’t be that bad.
What can we do so that employers can find us?
Put your resume online
Think about your talents, showcase your work – open a blog or web page.
There are many free Blog web pages out there. Try WordPress or
Simply visit and search for your preferred blog site.

Go to networking events, put yourself out there don’t be afraid. Be yourself, be friendly and personable.
Try using twitter and LinkedIn – networkers favourites
Be patient
Be persistent but don’t give up – think of new and creative ways to get noticed
As a Graduating Journalist following these tips really helped me. These tips I got from hearing what other people had to say to me. Guess what. It worked.

Lauren Leonard





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