Technology/Education – Just thoughts!!!

I could still remember , how I was part of back channeling of school classrooms , daardie tyd wat ons so briewe skryf vir mekaar as die onderwyser nie kyk nie . Maar nou , is die tweeting , sms`s en facebook wat dit maak .


Technology is everywhere nowadays , schools has begun integrating education technology programs into the curriculum, computers, gadgets, apps and the internet, will improve and continue to be a way of life for today’s students .


Educators know that educational technology programs should take up permanent in their schools. But what happens if we have to start from scratch.


How can we get every staff member on board? What resources are available in your school?


What systems has the education department implemented?


How active is the use of technology in the classrooms?



What would you say are the impact and challenges of e-learning in South Africans schools?


Do you feel the education department are doing enough to educate our children about technology, going beyond implementing computers in schools ?


Communication is very important ,and nowadays seldomly talking takes place . Daar kom n tyd n mens se lewe wat jy moet vir n werks onderhoud gaan , waar jy moet kan gesels en jourself kan verkoop met die tong .


So is dit n goeie ding of maak dit ons n lui nasie ?




Set goals for your schools. giving learners monthly , weekly project based assessments that incorporates technology .


Plan teacher training – like they say, a great place to begin is with teachers .


Modify what’s already out there – most ideas are on the web already , search and you shall find , how to integrate technology into lessons and projects .


So therefore we should think of technology as one piece of curriculum. lets fit tech into our schools , without making it obvious .





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