Could you tell me more about the importance of having Faith and grace in your life as a young member of the catholic community.


Faith is a gift and it must be nurtured into maturity. Faith seeks understanding as well and this is grace in that God revealed himself in and through his son. It is in the community where we experience God who came to us as a community as well. God’s self communication in the incarnation and the communication also in receiving Christ in communion that we become the community of faith that we are called to be. Faith is a very important aspect in a life of a Christian, in scripture we hear of many people who have been healed because of their faith. We all know it is very difficult to believe in God because we cannot see Him. Young people would like to see tangible proof to believe in something, but it is through faith that we believe in religion and God. In order for the youth to become credible witnesses they need role models in the faith as in other areas of life. Every strata of our society needs to be evangelised. Faith should not just be a Sunday affair, but a way of life.


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