Technology in the Future

We are living in an era dominated by the use of technology .We have seen great changes in the way we live and in new inventions being created and in the next ten years these factors will be taken to the next level.

Every sector of our life revolves around technology and by that it opens new doors for new discoveries in this field.

Here are a few ways which will change in our future . This will supply you  with examples of these changes .

•The way our computers work , the speed ,size and usability will be much more improved than the computers of today .

•Designs of cars and the type of fuel it users will change to . We will be seeing cars run by new fuel types ,which will be user friendly to our environment . This will decrease the use of fossil fuels too .

Talking about technology and our world , we will see great changes in the way we communicate with one another , going beyond smart phones and the internet . We will be seeing inventions like  google goggles. This Tool allows us to see information with our eyes , without needing to use a computer etc.

In the future we will be introducing Robots ,like the ones we see on the movies .Technology has made many things possible .From one inventions ,follows another .

Technology are unpredictable , we will never know when or how a great invention will be discovered but what we do know is that everyday its improving .

The use of these mediums eg the internet , hold more people connected than any other function/event in the world . Therefore our future lies in technology


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