Infographics … lets make data #understandable

Before we can find the best info-graphics of 2013, we need to identify what info graphics are, what it contains and what makes it attractive to the eye.

In simple terms, info-graphics is a term used to describe visual communication. It’s the easiest way to explain complex issues. It’s a way of creatively showcasing your services, products or messages. It’s like using a whiteboard or placard to show examples of your work to your team or employees, making it easy for them to understand.

All around the world people are visualising data. People are coming up with new approaches, ideas and applications. Here are some of my favourite info-graphics, I’ll tell you why:
We are moving away from sophisticated Isotype icons and changing to assembling your data together in one package. E.g. Isotype icons/Info-graphics


e34d2fee2464a3fa41f9c7ad85461e59 isotypes


The best info-graphics are those that don’t make people want to look away or break their head when looking at number figures. It will increase your brand/product or service popularity because you are not only catering for the low–informed when using info-graphics. E.g.

484195_310312422430188_1894138687_n 992e79934d133233fce0b7ed186d2ff3



Info-graphics has become an incredibly popular trend. It is being used to illustrate information like humour, visualisation, employee announcements, education and various data types. Although there is a widespread use of info-graphics , with the use of Instragram and other applications anyone is capable of designing info-graphics, there is a rising concern in maintaining the quality of info graphics created.

So what makes good, quality info graphics?

Data – Information should be gathered from a trustworthy source, which are up to date with the latest figures etc. Honest and accurate info is the key.
The story – capturing the audience with a story or a message that draws their attention.
Design –present the data and story visually in an appealing way looking at the following factors; colour scheme, font types, graphics, icons and word choice.
Shareable – use SEO and social media sites.
Here are two of the best info graphics that caught my eye, which includes the above mentioned factors.



To check out the full image visit.

This info-graphic informs and warns us about the dangers that lurk on the internet. Like internet scams. People are pretending to be someone they are not. Millions of women and men are falling in love and believing that they have found their soul mate online , eventually finding out that they have wasted their money and time on these people that claimed to be someone else .This info graphic gives the world tips on how to stay safe in the world of internet dating .


Upfront-640x1128 (1)

To see the full image checkout

This info-graphics lets us look at history ,present and future of television marketing and advertising. By just looking at it, no need to explain, it supplies you with the whole history which will enables you to remember most of the data presented, let’s just say, history is not one of our favourite subjects .

Author of “The Functional Art an Introduction to Information Graphics and Visualization”, Alberto Cairo, says on, good data, and rigorously processed, organised, structured makes good info-graphics.

He adds that info graphics is a visual presentation , not just a pretty picture ,therefor you should look at accuracy , depth and presentation that compares to what the human brain is capable of .It’s not about making numbers look interesting but to transform those numbers to visual shapes that the brain can understand .

Sources /Pictures :

information :


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