Video growth

Video Content Growth :

TV and other broadcasters are producers of programs making it available to us on various mediums, like mobile devices, which allows us to watch live content etc.

The demand of available content has led to an increase in the growth of video content across all mediums/devices countrywide, especially through the use of renowned smartphones and tablets.


Seeing that videos  is such an powerful tool being  used to increase your percentage of viewers, marketers know that people are now watching an gathering information online, more than previous years .

Recently the Adobe digital index team shared some interesting facts about video content exploring several unanswered question and topics. Checkout As well as the Top Trends found in The U.S. Digital Video Benchmark      or

Through technological advancements in our digital sector, devices, software and the  growth of video content has grown enormously.

According to ComScore in the month of December, 178 million people have watched 33.2 billion video.

Reasons for increases are because people are coming up with creative content, which explodes on the internet by sharing etc.

·         They are optimizing their videos
·         They add video to social media sites
·         They place it on third party sites ,like YouTube
·         They add videos to their Google local business listing.
Project manager of the Seattle Office of ArtWorks SEO, Peter Hamilton, says “YouTube is the most successful video sharing website, estimating that they receive almost 30 million unique users in a single month’s time.  As only a three year old company, now owned by Google, it is considered to be the fourth busiest website in the world, and is only one of the hundreds of video sharing avenues.  Metacafe is not far behind, generating almost 20 million unique viewers every month. The importance of video for Internet marketing as well as search rankings will continue to increase as broadband becomes more common and search engines react accordingly, and as such, video optimization has already become an important part of online marketing campaigns and search engine optimization strategies.”

Video quality was the most spoken topic of the year. The reason why video content has rapidly grown over the past few years was because of the devices that were created.

According to videos are one of the fastest growing mediums in the world, here are a few reasons why: (Their statistics has been gathered from

·         70% of B2B content marketers use videos
·         58% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic.
·         85% of Internet Users watch online video
·          There will be 73.3 million mobile video viewers during 2013, up 20% from 2013.

To create videos are not that difficult , all you need is quality equipment , e.g. a smartphone or video recorder , a compelling story or message and  time to create your video then find a working platform to post your videos on .

Here are 3 of the most used sites to post videos on:

The Google site was ranked number one in the video sharing destination .In second place follows You Tube followed by Facebook .

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