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Content marketing for beginners

Before anyone can tell you what to do or where to start, you first need to know what content marketing is about.

What is content marketing?

It is a term used to supply your audiences with questions and answers. It is the way you communicate to clients etc, without making it obvious that you want to sell a product etc. You putting your product out there and wait for them to get in touch with you.

You educate your buyer with knowledge of the product. It is content that is useful, content that gets people talking.

 How does this build relationships? 

If you supply your audiences with valuable content, it unknowingly builds your brand that develops trust between you and a potential buyer.

Why is content marketing so important in the year 2013?

In the era dominated by technology, 2013 is globally renowned for the year of Content Marketing.

With so many Hi-tech social interactions it is a must to stay up to date with the latest trends. Say goodbye to marketing in the old fashion way and be where everyone is. Online that is.

Content marketing can become very scary, messy and overwhelming at times for in r beginners in the game.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind.


  • Develop breath taking content. Content that will apply to your audience .High quality images, videos and polished info graphics.
  • Be ready to take on the world. Distribute your marketing pieces. Don’t just post them on your website and expect positive results.
  • Network – talk and socialize with others
  • Measure your circulation, figures, online followers etc.
  • Remember to always keep your target market in mind.
  • And never forget your multi-channels and important part of content marketing, this encourages engagement.
  • Always have a strategy in mind.

According to, Emma Jones suggested that the winning formula to Content Marketing is as follows:

  • Look at what segments to follow.
  • What object to follow?
  • What the topic and message of your content will be about.
  • What keywords to target. Therefore Search engines can spot you.
  • How to create and promote content

Social media being the biggest marketer in the world and there are different ways of marketing your product and seeing positive results.

When  a question on content Marketing was posted on Twitter , Digital Marketer and Entrepreneur Ross Simmonds(@TheCoolestKid) replied “Write , read , and give your audience what they need , the biggest challenge is not doing the above mentioned.”

Italian PR consultant/specialize in social media, Livia Podestá (@livia13) said “Ask your audience what they are interested in and what your brand can provide them with.”



by- Lauren Leonard






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