Build your own online #business , try these steps

Steps in building a successful online business

The internet has spoken. We are living in a world dominated by technology and every aspect of our lives are slowly but surely turning digital.


Starting your own business can be rewarding and difficult. It takes hours of hard work, resources, technical knowledge and creative thinking to create a successful business.


Founder of World of Avatar and former CEO of Mxit, Allan Knott Graig Jnr, Started with nothing and ended up being one of the riches young entrepreneurs in South Africa.


He says “Don’t be afraid to change your mind, take financial risk, and trust people put yourself out there. The odd of failure is much greater than the odds of success.”


Here are a few steps to get you going:


  1. Set some ground rules for yourself.


Remember that when you start your own online business, you work on your own times, you are your own boss. Your lifestyle changes and with that comes responsibilities.


  • Set up a time-table that works for you. Don’t break the rules.


     2.  Challenge yourself, take risks


  • “Unless you commit a crime, there’s no risk there”, says Allan.


  1. Have a vision in mind


  • Ask yourself questions like, where do you see yourself in a few months time? what will my business look like? Etc.
  • Having set your goals, remember to give yourself a certain time-frame to work within.


  1. Set up a budget.


  • This budget will include networking, petrol money to meet potential clients etc.


  1. Put yourself out there


  • People need to see and get to know the face behind the name. In order for

People to trust you, they need to see who you are.



        6.  Set up a hard copy of your business plan.


  •  This will include expenditure, what your content or product is about. Include every aspect of the business.
  • An editorial calendar works well.


Besides having following these steps, there are qualities to a successful businessman that we all need to survive.


  • Persistence
  • Technology know how – being tech savvy.
  • Know how to market your company, so that you can attract traffic.
  • Be goal –originated , never forgetting your mission
  • Have a passion for working hard.
  • Be patient – a tree doesn’t grow in a day’s time.


In becoming a successful online entrepreneur, you need to evaluate yourself. Are you ready to become an entrepreneur?


With technology taking over, you need to think of creative ways for your business to increase sales, circulation etc, decrease your expenditure and improve the way you communicate to the public.


Remember that money comes and goes, reputation is forever. Like Shrek once said. “Your life is like an onion .It has layers, the innermost is you. The next is your husband/wife, then your kids, then friends etc. Your outermost layers are worthless without a strong core. Thirdly you must be an excellent communicator, if you want greatness.”






Interview: Allan Knott Graig Jnr – Founder of World of Avatar








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