Here is your questioned answered / Catholics etc.

Please note that the questioned answered is based on opinion  and we are not here to stir up debate .But feel free to comment. 

Why is it so hard for the youth to speak about their religion ?

It is very difficult for young people to talk about their religion because they do not have much information about their faith, they have not been empowered to talk about their religion and in turn they are not convinced about their religion. I think the problem dates back to as far as catechism classes. In the so called “formation classes” children are taught to memorize and recite prayers of the mass. They are not made to understand  why we say those prayers and what they mean. Yes they read the bible but that doesn’t make one to understand ones religion. Basically I would say lack of knowledge of the faith and to marry their faith with their everyday life. This marriage has not happened yet. They are more like parrots. They give back what they were taught, without much reflection and internalization.

What the catholic communities obligation is to the youth ?

The catholic communities’ obligation to the youth is to educate them about their faith, help them to be part of the community and to nurture their faith. I feel that youth are a neglected group in the church therefore they need to be made that they are part of the church community. To create a platform for the youth to participate fully and consciously in the life of the church and to create a sense of belonging for them. The Church must truly become a family for the youth, where they feel accepted, welcomed, loved and appreciated as they are.

Could you tell me more about the importance of having Faith and grace in your life as a young member of the catholic community.

Faith is a gift and it must be nurtured into maturity. Faith seeks understanding as well and this is grace in that God revealed himself in and through his son. It is in the community where we experience God who came to us as a community as well. God’s self communication in the incarnation and the communication also in receiving Christ in communion that we become the community of faith that we are called to be. Faith is a very important aspect in a life of a Christian, in scripture we hear of many people who have been healed because of their faith. We all know it is very difficult to believe in God because we cannot see Him. Young people would like to see tangible proof to believe in something, but it is through faith that we believe in religion and God. In order for the youth to become credible witnesses they need role models in the faith as in other areas of life. Every strata of our society needs to be evangelised. Faith should not just be a Sunday affair, but a way of life.


The impact parents has on faith formation of our youth ?

Parents are the first teachers in any child’s life, they are the first people a child has their encounter with. Therefore a lot of or almost all children learn from their parents. They play a big role in the formation of the faith of their children by both their deeds and the information they pass on to them. Imagine if a parent does not have an encounter with the Lord. How will they pass on the faith to their children of something that they have not internalised and live themselves first?

Lauren Leonard


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