Fable – The creatures on my shoulder (story about the angel and the devil)

The Creatures on my shoulder

My mother calls me a little devil because I never obey her .On a strange hot evening in bed something weird happened.


Is this a dream? Who are on my shoulder, why don’t you leave me alone?

I ran to the bathroom, trying to scrub you off, but the harder I scrub the redder he gets. I said to this scary, red horn faced man on my left shoulder “who are you? Where did you come from? I need to know or else I will tell my mother.”

The red horned face man replied ;”I am Lucifer , the devil and if you tell your mother , she will think you are going crazy and mention my name ,she will send you to church , where you will sit there for hours. Do you want that to happen to you?”

I looked at him with great confusion, still not knowing what he wants from me.

What do you want from me! I screamed.

I only want to be your friend, allow me to enter your soul, allow me to control your life”. The devil replied.

Before I could ask how, a girl on my right shoulder, dressed in white with beautiful large feathers on her back appeared.

She said; “Do not give your soul to him because he is evil and will lead you astray .I will come again , just call my name, for I am angel .If you obey him , he will take control of your life .If you believe in God and listen to your parents , he will have no power over you”.

With a blast of white powder she disappeared.

 While she spoke the devil was humming , to distract him from her .The moment she left he said ,”I will give you everything that your heart desires .Friends will come your way  because I have seen your life and it seems empty . You will receive gifts that you have always dreamt of”.

I had to think hard about this, I didn’t think it was a big deal. What harm could giving your soul to him do to me? My mother would never be able to buy the things that I want.

I then called him one night as I laid in bed. “Lucifer, Lucifer, give me everything you promised”.

The devil popped up on my left shoulder again. “I will, I will, just give me some time”. He said.

Gradually things happened .All of a sudden the popular boys at school noticed me and wanted to become friends .Soon they gave me everything I ever wanted .A cellphone, ps2 console and evens money . I had no  idea where they got the items from but I never asked. I just accepted .Life was great.

When I got at home, after school. I heard a knock on the door, opened up and saw the police on the porch .They showed a piece of paper to me and started searching the house. They took my cellphone, money and everything my friends gave me.They even found drugs stashed away in one of the items. I didn’t know that.

I wondered what was going on, why they were taking this away from me.


Then the angel appeared without me calling her.

She said; “I knew you were going to fall into Lucifer`s (the devil) trap .I warned you not to trust him. He gave you everything your heart desired. You obeyed him. He gave you friends, but not good, positive friends. He gave you material things but they were not yours. He fooled you, just when you thought everything was going great, he left you .Question is, where is he now? Where is his worker, that you called friends?”

I replied frantically; “I don’t know, please help me. I have learnt my lesson”.

Angel replied “Because you are a child of God and we do all make mistakes, I believe that you have learnt your lesson. I will guide you to do the right thing. When the police question you, speak the truth boy. Remember, at times in our lives a devil dwells within us, causes heartbreak, confusion and troubles, then he dies.

By-Lauren Leonard



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