Cool Apps for Cool people (Jy weet mos)

Latest Technological Advancements – Google Glass


By now, everyone has heard about Google glasses and I am sure, you wished you had a pair.




This device is a wearable portable computer, next generation technology since the smartphones invention. This head-mounted display was developed by Google by their “Project Glass, research and development team.”

It’s similar to a smartphone in a hands free format, you are able to interact with  others, using  voice command or search the internet without the use of an computer keyboard  .

The frames currently don’t have lenses fitted to them but Google is thinking about partnering up with Ray-Ban or Warby Parker eye-wear Company, as well as opening retails stores, to allow customers to try out the device.

The following features have been cramped into this incredible device.



This lightweight device ,has access to many functions which includes , Bluetooth , GPS , Wi-Fi , speakers , micro-phone , touchpad and  the main piece that lets you see information in front of you  . E.g. letting you watch you-tube videos and searching the internet. It will also consist of a 5MP camera, with auto-focus features, HD display similar to and 2.5-inch HD TV screen. It includes an 16 GB memory card , which includes synchronized features .This  means  that out of the 16 GB memory , 12 GB will be synchronized  with the use of the  Google cloud storage system . Google voice recognition /command features will make it easier for you to connect to search engines.

To activate this feature all you say is “OKAY GLASS” then give the glass an command, e.g. “Okay glass”, “Take a picture”.

This device also allows you take videos, or use Google hangout for conferences or friendly chat purposes.

But the main, positive aspect of Google glass is the navigation features. You will never get lost using this device. If you are in another country, translating will never become a problem. No need to attend  language courses anymore, Google glasses helps you translate names, sentences etc. with the help of the Google translation feature.

Keen on fashion, Google allows you to change frames, in various colours; shale, tangerine, charcoal, cotton and sky.

This really changed the game for computer hardware, Project glass was released in April 2012, since then, huge changes have been made to the product.

Reporter and author at Africa Telecoms, Nitin Bhas, says “With consumers embracing new technologies, wearable devices ranging from fitness accessories to head up displays will be more prevalent in the consumer market, fitness and entertainment will have the greatest demand from consumers, within an enterprise n environment, the demand for wearable devices will be the greatest from the aviation and warehouse sectors.”

Google glasses are currently priced ±R13545.90

Checkout this video, on YouTube that speaks about building new experiences with Google glass

As well as  , where CNET selects there top 5, uses for Google glass .

by -Lauren Leonard


Pictures sourced by: Google and verge


Information sourced by:


Nitin Bhas – Africa telecoms / Senior Analyst with Juniper Research/ @nitinbhas,2817,2416488,00.asp


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