Social networks, social media – Lets get connected …

Big social networks you may never heard of before.

The ever changing Digital Social Media Platforms.

We are curious creatures, we constantly searching for new ventures and new ideas, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

If you can`t figure out the algorithm, your next door neighbour just did. Same goes with the Internet, people are consistently updating and creating new social platforms so that we can get and stay connected.

We have all been introduced to Facebook, twitter and Google plus with millions of friends, circles etc. on there. But sometimes we get tired of friends cluttering up our page with things we don’t care about.

Recent figures shows that Facebook has reached over a billion people globally, we have seen a number of new and intriguing social sites appearing and their numbers are definitely increasing.

Here is a list of secretly big social networking sites that takes socializing to the next level.

If you looking for something private, group centric, Sgrouples is the site to visit.

If you are neighbours or a community group ,get Nextdoor , all you need is your real address and get cracking .It`s a great site to get people off the internet and let them social face to face . We only use the site to say when and where.

If you interested in Lifestream on your mobile, Path is now able to post and update status, share music, photos etc.

For the online blog writers, there is a new IOS app that connects us with people around the world. It is based on questions, like, what you would like to do before you die. It`s simply questions like these that gets people talking, check out My Last Wish.

MySpace, we all heard of it but we are not all using it. MySpace was the number one site before Facebook took over. It is now slowly but surely regaining its strength in numbers.

Social networking sites are trying try to change their focus to a specific niche, to look deeper into what our online friends needs and wants .Thanks to the new mediums put on the internet , it`s up to us to choose which social site we would want to join or subscribe to . E.g. If you a businessmen and would like to choose a site where you can advertise, simply search and subscribe.

By Lauren Leonard

Posted from WordPress for BlackBerry.


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