Inspirational Young Entrepreneurs:

On the 15th of November 2012, at the Africa com event, Groupon talk session, I started networking with an extremely interesting and inspiring young guy.

He is the founder of Softsmithng and he relieved some interesting details about how he became a successful entrepreneur.

Olalado Babalola and his partner from the Us Lu Idowu came up with an incredible idea to create a content driven application, through cloud computing, using smart phones that provides us with afro-centric cartoons.

They will develop some cartoons from scratch and the rest will be source cartoons.

When asked what his vision was, Babalola said “I want to reach out to every African country and find out what there interests are.”

He adds, that there was a competition held for the most innovative idea driven mobile broadband .Tele down to the idea and a couple of weeks later he found out that he was a finalist.

I believe that if a person has an idea that they should do everything from the top of your head.

Babalola said “I kept wondering was my idea really that unique, or is it that people are not thinking.”

To everyone that has an idea out there, the internet is endless and that the clouds accommodate us all.

Babalola adds that the internets penetration is rapidly increasing, so if anyone has an idea, you don’t have to go far. You don’t have to leave your home.

Start now, plan your ideas and activate them.








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