Deep thoughts of Africa com



It has been a great honor to blog for Africa com . I have learnt so much about the technological industry .

Technology connects us with the rest of the world . The vast knowledge that you can obtain from a single device is endless.

I believe that there is no leader in technology , because it is an ever changing industry . Therefore a young person coming into the industry should not feel discouraged .

Africa com made me question myself and I realized that we as the youth are taking technology for granted , we simply accept that it is there . But do we really know what it does? Did you know that there are opportunities out there for us. Simply use your head.


It’s not just used as a search engine , it goes way beyond that . Did you know that you could make a change .Did you know that you could become a partner of a certain innovation , by adding your unique idea to that product .

It’s not an easy process , but once you in the game , the sky is the limit .




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