The Digital divide

The digital divide in Africa

This refers to the growing gap of unprivileged members of society.

The Interaction between the human and the digital world, like using a computer with Internet has become an important part of people’s everyday life.

So how did computer access become so important to us?

That’s a simple answer, we are humans and we are hungry for information. Our mind does not want to lack behind in important insights of the world.

But for Africa and many rural areas, we have a lack of infrastructure, technological education and challenges with low income households.

There are many disadvantages affecting our society from connecting with the rest of the world.

Firstly the developed or rich communities adapts to technology faster. They have the technology and devices at hand, therefore they are more digitally aware than any other person living in the rural areas. Because the higher the level of education, the higher the use of computers, devices and the internet.

Speaking about household income in Africa, government needs to provide a sustainable infrastructure to create more job oppertunities or increase the rate of workers being paid to support the use of our technology.

I can go on and on about factors disadvantaging our technological mind ,like race groups and the decision you make to attend a certain educational institutions .Where the majority of the rural population does not have a choice of where they want to go .

What this means is that “the power of information is key”.

People with technology will become richer in information.

“What we can earn, we will learn”.

What I took from attending many of the conferences offered at Africa com is that we need a strong government support because every aspect of today’s world comes back to technology; every part of life contributes to the future of technology and our economy.

What we need is an active, working initiative to seal the gap in Africa, to introduce the importance of technological literacy.

Sources: picture downloaded from contrib..andrew.cmu.ed


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