Interesting speakers at the Africa industry outlook

Key speakers that stood out for me at the Africa com event on the 13th November 2012

At the industry Outlook conference, Principal analyst of Networks practice, Dimitris Mavrakis, spoke about rural broadband and organic growth in Africa.

He says that people from rural areas are Hungry for content and information.

There is great opportunity for local operators and inventors that can look beyond the challenges like the lack of electricity and focus on small initiatives like Mpesa, a mobile-phone based on a money transfer and micro financing service for Safricom and Vodacom.

“Start small and start simple” said Mavrakis.”

“Small is beautiful in Africa “says Principal analyst at Vertical enterprises, Camille Mendler at the Africa industry outlook session.

She says that we should create services with that simple device in our hands and that will contribute to a growing community.

Question remains what can be done to address smaller enterprise markets.

She says, looking deeper into retail mass verticals, the cloud computing market and pure productivity and collaborations.


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