Cloud, Video and mobile technology


Computers changed the way we work, the Internet changed how the world communicates and the mobiles changed the way we reach customers.

We are all familiar with mobile technology and video but what is cloud computing?

Il try and explain it in simple terms .If you are a manager or owner of a company, school or even the main man in your house ,your job is to make sure your company has software , to be able to work productively .

You don’t have to install software to every computer manually , nowadays you can load one suit of software and that application will allow workers to log into a web based server , which host all programs that the user needs

So once you have saved your documents online , the cloud way. Like saving your work on Google documents. Make sure you follow these safety online cloud precautions.

-keep your password safe
-Combine your password with uppercase, lowercase, numbers and characters like +
-Incase you loose your work, backup your data.
-be alert, keep all personal details to yourself
Sources :picture downloaded from anbile 



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